Delays In Residential Conveyancing

Examples of issues which commonly cause delays in conveyancing transactions:-

Planning problems – for example an extension for which planning permission was never obtained and for second hand houses non-compliance with particular conditions of the planning permission.

Boundary problems – when the map detailing the property does not accurately reflect the physical boundaries of the property as they appear on the ground.

Rights of way – since the 1st December 2009 all rights of way must now be in writing and registered on the title to the relevant property.

Services – for example the septic tank or well serving the property is situate on another persons property and there is no documentation  in place regularising the situation.

Management Company – non availability of the correct documentation from a management company can cause delays with transactions involving apartments.

Loan cheque – delays in the mortgage provider sending the loan cheque to the purchasers solicitor, the putting in place of life cover and fire cover can cause delays in this regard.

Probate – the seller inherited the property and the probate paper work has not concluded.