Wards of Court

When someone becomes unable to manage his or her assets because of mental incapacity, an application can be made to the High Court to have the person made a Ward of Court. The Judge will then make a decision whether the person is in fact capable of managing his or her own property and if they decide they are not capable the person is taken into wardship and a committee is appointed. The purpose of the Committee is to control the Wards property and make decisions in relation to same on behalf of the Ward. The scheme offers a solution to difficulties that arise as a result of unexpected illnesses where the finances of the sick person can be managed in an effective manner whilst also providing the protection of the Court for such assets.

When preparing to make an application the following information should be assembled about the Ward:

-His or her medical condition.
-His or her next of kin.
-A list of his or her assets.
-Details of his or her income.

An application must be accompanied by two Doctors reports and Affidavits. Two separate Doctors must examine the proposed Ward and determine whether in their opinion the person is or is not capable of dealing with their own affairs.